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Cooler in Audi Glove Box …

I love to make modifications to cars. It doesn’t have to just be my own car either. If a friend Read more

Catalytic Converters….

My friend also drives a Ford Escape and they ran into some issues. Originally, there was a mileage problem with Read more

The Poor Corvette’s!

Okay, sink holes are an annoying problem! For some reason, they seem to be popping up more and more these Read more

Video Projects

Car Wash!
Car Wash!

Performing a car wash is not No

Changing Oil Tutorial
Changing Oil Tutorial

I noticed that there was no No

Super Bowl Ad Nailed It! …
Super Bowl Ad Nailed It!

Alright, I don’t know anyone else’s No

Tie Rod Video For Ram …
Tie Rod Video For Ram Recall

I had a friend that was No

Replacing Headlights
Replacing Headlights

Eventually, you have to replace bulbs No

Great Looking 2014 Cars!
Great Looking 2014 Cars!

Every year new cars are rolled No

Installing LED Lights
Installing LED Lights

Changing anything in a car or No

The Trouble Oil Can Cause …
The Trouble Oil Can Cause

Oil changes are a necessary part No

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